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WELCOME  to  the inside of my BRAIN 

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The following timeline illustrates the progression of my work as a designer, communicator and brand strategist.

Occupation Diversification:
Serial entrepreneur

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Today  |  One Question Marketing LLC

Leveraging my skills, after creating 2 consumer goods brands and one design firm, to help others refine their mission and redefine their identity through compelling design and communications.

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In the mood for Chinese
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The world of Kelli Ames

2019  |  Photo shoots and campaigns

Reinforced the notion of casual luxury and timeless style through our "Dainty and delicate 2.0" promotion.

Cross-promotional marketing

2017  |  New York Fashion Week

EnA jewelry walks the catwalk for the second time.  Capitalized on the opportunity to introduce Kelli Ames to the press and fashion audience.

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Influencer marketing

2017  |  Kelli Ames partnerships

Increased awareness in Australia and Europe through targeted strategic brand ambassadors on Instagram.

Give them what they want : brand #2

2016  |  Kelli Ames LLC

Created online brand Kelli Ames in response to requests from loyal fans of EnA for entry-level gift options.  Named for, and inspired by, my two grandmothers.

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New business model

2012  |  Make Mine a Million Winner

Won a business plan pitch competition from American Express and Count Me In for applying the timeshare model in real estate to the jewelry industry.

Smart girls' jewelry

Beginning 2010  |  Cover Girl Campaign

EnA partners with regional and national nonprofit organizations raising funds and awareness while highlighting their female leadership.

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Crohn's and Colitis Foundation of America

Main Line Art Center

Red Paw Emergency Relief Team

Sandy Rollman Ovarian Cancer Foundation

Sweet Briar College

University of PA Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology

Women's Way

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Urgency, exclusivity, philanthropy

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2000s  |  EnA partnerships and additional revenue streams

Exclusive events that benefitted nonprofit organizations while also reinforcing the brand as a luxury company.

Marketing, branding
& design awards

2009 - 2011  |  Awards and accolades

EnA receives consecutive awards for design:

World Gold Council - "Best of New Gold Jewelry"

EnA receives consecutive awards for marketing:

Fusion Award from Jewelers of America for most successful design and implementation of marketing and branding out of 1100 exhibitors at the nationally renown JA NY trade show.

Innovation Award from Jewelers of America for most creative and original marketing campaign out of  900+ exhibitors at the JA NY trade show.

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Getting the word out:

2000s  |  Press

EnA is featured on tv, in magazines, newspapers and trade journals, and worn by celebrities.

Brand #1 :
brand building

2009  |  New York Fashion Week

EnA jewelry walks the catwalk and is featured on the jumbotrons at the Carmen Marc Volvo show in Times Square.

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Transition to jewelry design

2006  |  Elements and Alloys Inc.

Founded luxury jewelry company using precious metals. First of two jewelry brands.  Using what we know - metals - but applying it to a smaller-scale and small runs.

Small-scale design

2006  |  Fox School of Business

Grand-prize winners of a business plan competition for Io, a jewelry company, and precursor to EnA Fine Jewelry.  Expanding our notion of design, fueled by an interest in start-ups, economies of scale and the desire to create multiples.

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Cultural inquiry

2004  |  Philadelphia Museum of Art

Exemplary of my interdisciplinary background and within the larger umbrella of "design," this industrial design object - steel frame - housing the photograph by Carol Front - becomes part of the collection 16 December 2004.

Venture #1

2000  |  Intellectual Property LLC

Principal and co-founder of design and research studio encompassing product development, branding, strategic planning, and architecture and interior design.  Used multi-disciplinary and conceptual foundation to drive project concepts.

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Rigor and thought

1990s  |  Pentagram Design NYC

Before Silicon Valley office playgrounds and amenities galore, there was Pentagram with its bring your dog to work, pick your dessert for your birthday, work hard-play hard mentality.  Working in the architecture division of a globally recognized graphic design company fostered collaboration, cross-functional teams.  Experienced firsthand the benefits of collaboration.

Words matter

1990s  |  Princeton U

Learned how to think, how to question and how to present conceptual ideas related to architecture, interiors, product design and installations.


Benefits of a
multi-disciplinary education

1990s  |  U of Pennsylvania

Discovered intersections and overlaps between architecture, design, art history and literature.

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