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After creating 2 jewelry brands and 1 design firm, the most fulfilling aspects for me of running a business are the design and communications work.   As a consultant, I leverage my entrepreneurial skills and experience as an architect and luxury goods designer, employing smart, efficient design.  I am fully engaged and passionate about my clients' missions and energized by bringing their visions to life. 

I like to educate.  You have already learned something just by visiting the homepage - the Greek word for "hat."  I wear a lot of them - designer, mother, wife, communicator, strategist, visionary, architect, jewelry designer. 


I am a problem-solver.  I synthesize disparate and competing messages into a coherent voice and vision.  Specifically, I create brand identities, design marketing campaigns and refine websites through compelling communications. 

Design services include branding, campaign development and content creation, graphic design of promotional materials, identity and logos.


Communication services include messaging, writing promotional materials including invitations, reports, articles, blog posts, and website content.


Other services include social media planning, website assessments, business development differentiation and competitive advantage research, marketing and sales plans.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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